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Injured in a Car accident? Let our experienced team of Philadelphia car accident lawyers help you receive compensation for your accident. We have been winning cases for over twenty years, and we can help you win yours.

If you have been injured in a Car Accident, you need a lawyer who knows the law. Auto Accident law may seem like an obscure section of the law, but not to our lawyers. We know the rights of a every motorist on the road, and we’ll use it to help win your case.

Our team brings their wealth of experience to every case. Along with experience, expertise, and extensive knowledge of both state and federal laws, we bring fighting power to all our cases. We are not afraid to challenge the police and law enforcement’s decision that you, the cyclist, was at fault in the accident. Having a lawyer willing to fight against these wrongful conclusions will help you get the best settlement.

We have extensive experience handling the following claims involving Car accidents:

  • Injury Cases
  • Defective Parts
  • Defective Roadway Conditions
  • Collisions

These are just a few types of claims we handle. Our services are tailored to fit your personal case.

Over the years, we have seen how Car accidents can result in the gravest of injuries, including broken bones, spinal chord injuries, and head and neck injuries. Serious injuries require immediate medical treatment, and our office can make sure these medical bills get paid.

Even the most cautious and experienced Motorists can be the victim of other negligent motorists, defective parts or faulty road conditions. But, you can avoid being the victim of your medical bills.

No one who is wrongfully injured should have to pay for their injuries. Use our experience, expertise and knowledge of the law to your advantage to avoid paying out of pocket for your injuries.

We have helped numerous clients receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and long-term injuries, and we can help you too. Call today for a free consultation by a top car accident lawyer: (215) 735-4800